Dear USACA Members,
Ram Varadarajan and his team asks for your valuable vote in the upcoming national USACA elections. We promise to work to transform USACA into a respected, energetic and vibrant organization. For more information about the candidates... click here

Focussing On The New Inning Team Members

“We must produce results for our membership.”
    - Manaf Mohamed, Candidate for 2nd Vice President

Manaf Mohamed’s resume as a cricket administrator is phenomenal. He is well known in Florida cricket circles as an efficient organizer. He has founded a club and a league and has been involved at the regional and national levels in various capacities. Manaf is part of Ram Varadarajan’s team in this election and is running for 2nd VP. DreamCricket interviewed him.... click here...

"Every club will want to belong to USACA"
      - John Aaron, Candidate for Secretary

John Aaron has been described by former West Indies Cricket Board President Ken Gordon, as “a true statesman.” More recently, ICC’s Chief Executive Malcolm Speed described his views on direction of USACA as “very impressive.” He is the recipient of... click here...

"We must be open and honest."
      - John Thickett, Candidate for Treasurer

John Thickett is a successful entrepreneur who has held leadership positions in several manufacturing and service industries. He currently serves as the CFO and Chief Marketing Officer of Austin based Tusker Group. As a cricketer, John Thickett has been active in Austin and has been a key contributor in Central Texas Cricket League (CTCL) as well as the Central West region... click here...

cash flow (noun) 1. movement of money received and spent
- the pattern of income and expenses, and its consequences for how much money is available at a given time

The Importance of Cash Flow!
John Thickett, Candidate for USACA Treasurer
Very simply I approach the administration of cricket as an entertainment business – one that is desperately in need of cash flow – the life blood of any business. You have players and spectators – the clients, and you need assets – grounds and equipment to create the entertainment service. click here...

Endorsements come in from far and wide
Our team is receiving endorsements every day from players, current and former administrations, and cricket lovers from across the length and breadth of the country. This outpouring of support is a clear indication that cricket enthusiasts across America see a complete break from the current USACA management as a necessary step for the game to flourish here. To know who is endorsing us, click here ...

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Your Bill of Rights
1. The right to transparency in all USACA decisions

2. The right to professional governance

3. The right to full and inclusive participation

4. The right to full and GAAP accounting

5. The right to active and open communication

6. The right to enthusiastic and innovative management