John L. Aaron

Described by former West Indies Cricket Board President Ken Gordon, as “…a true Statesman,” John Aaron’s experience in management as an Executive Vice President in corporate America and his current involvement in the world of academia, has afforded him the skill-sets needed to help US cricket regain its credibility in the international arena.

As a team leader, his strengths lie in the ability to coalesce individuals with varying points of view, and to get them to work towards a common objective – cricket. He is also regarded as an independent thinker, with an unquestionable commitment to helping develop cricket in the US, indicative of his recent elevation to Regional Director of New York, while still serving as a club and league president.

John has demonstrated on several occasions an unselfish approach to problem solving in a volatile environment. The ICC’s Chief Executive Malcolm Speed described the avid writer’s recent views expressed on,, calling for a new direction and leadership for USACA, as “Very impressive.”

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