Shahid Tahir

Shahid Tahir was born in the month of August in Okara, a small village located approximately 300 kilometers from Islamabad, Pakistan. He graduated from M.C. high school and continued his education at a government degree college in Okara. He attended the University of Karachi and graduated in 1992 with a B.SC, Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Therapy. In 1993 he migrated to the United States working as a physical therapist and quickly advanced to the position of rehabilitation supervisor. He continued his studies in the United States and currently holds a Doctorate of Physical Therapy degree from Andrews University in Berrien Spring, Michigan,

In 1999 he became a United States citizen in addition to maintaining his citizenship in Pakistan, while staying actively involved in the affairs of the Pakistani community. Among his philanthropic interests he serves as the director of Hafiz Memorial Trust in Okara, Pakistan, an organization that he founded in memory of his father to treat those in the community who cannot afford healthcare. The facility, which is managed and funded by Dr. Tahir treats 150-200 people a day, free of charge.

Dr. Tahir has been instrumental in furthering the interests of the Pakistani community in the United States through his political involvements. He was actively involved in the fund raising efforts for the first ever to be elected Muslim congressman, Keith Ellison from Minnesota. He also participated in the fund raising efforts for Senator Hillary Clinton for her reelection campaign. As a Century Club member for the Michigan Democratic Party he has hosted and helped raise funds that led to the reelection of both Senator Debbie Stabenow and Governor Jennifer Granholm.

Some of his other involvements include the National Commission for Human Development of Pakistan (NCHD), Human Development Foundation (HDF), Muslim Community of Western Suburbs, Michigan (MCWS), American Home Health Care Association, Al-Ghazali Education Trust, Lahore, Pakistan, American Physical Therapy Association (AFTA), Pakistan Physical Therapy Society, Karachi, Pakistan and the National Association of Pakistani Americans (NAPA).

Currently, Dr. Tahir is CEO of At Home Network, Inc., one of Michigan's leading home healthcare agencies, CEO of Metro Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation, Inc., an outpatient therapy services facility and CEO of All American Medical Equipment, Inc. in Michigan. In addition, he is involved in multiple Senior Citizen Housing Projects in Michigan, U.S.A.

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