Vision For USA Cricket

Start - Seek to remove the current ICC suspension and develop a healthy and growing working relationship with the International Cricket Council (ICC). Cricket in the US needs to be a sport that is ultimately commercially viable, fun to play, and open to all.

2) Show - Field and develop the strongest possible national teams in the various age ranges and build a robust asset base to support those goals.

3) Strengthen - Pursue strategic national marketing, sponsorship and other revenue opportunities to assure a meaningful and sustainable long-term future for USACA.

4) Share - Best-practices for the many facets of cricket development across the diverse regions in our country. For example, guide and assist regions and leagues to improve facilities and create youth programs based on local successes.

5) Streamline - Simplify the new constitution so that USACA manages international and national matters, while the regions as members of the USACA organization, manage regional cricket, including the leagues and clubs within the respective regions.

6) Sustain - Manage the corporate records and financial matters of the organization in accordance with sound business practices.

7) Succeed - USACA as the leader of US cricket must set goals and strive hard to accomplish them.

Our Promise
Your Bill of Rights

1. The right to transparency in all USACA decisions

2. The right to professional governance

3. The right to full and inclusive participation

4. The right to full and GAAP accounting

5. The right to active and open communication

6. The right to enthusiastic and innovative management